Perspective: How We Think, How We Work

Why we left "BigLaw"

  • Our passion for the practice of law
  • Our passion for the profession
  • Our passion for being better people

Charna Sherman's passions for the law and the advancement of women in the legal profession convinced her to pursue a different law-firm model, inspired by a truly blind Lady Justice. That model is a female-owned boutique committed to promoting the core values of law as a profession, but in a new and changing world.

What we mean by "Principled Law"

This is where values, a passion for the law, tenacity, client business objectives and true diversity really matter. It is executed by legal professionals who are well-rounded, values-driven and tenacious – and also have the discipline and drive to bring all of it together for maximum benefit to clients.

Why diversity and community involvement are so important

We are committed to fostering diversity and improving our community and the world we pass on to the next generations. We practice diversity in our professional lives because we believe it: we credit the successes we have achieved over our careers to the rigor of pushing and pulling together a wide variety of viewpoints. Simply, diversity yields better results for our clients, and ourselves in every aspect of our lives. So does committed involvement in the communities in which we work and live.